Our Last Song Together
 Side A  -  Our Last Song Together

 Side B  -  Where Are You

A. Our Last Song Together     3:52
: Sedaka                           Greenfield
B. Where Are You       3:37
Akiko Kozaka      : H. Ebert
La - la - la - la ......
La - la - la - la ......

Days of devils kings and clowns
Angel songs and birthday tunes
Valentines and wishing wells
The magic stairways moons and junes
Silly rhymes and monkey shines
The pictures on a stage
Round and round the records go
Time to turn a page

This will be our last song together
Words will only make us cry
This will be our last song together
There's no other way
We can say goodbye

Misty faces far off places
Came and danced across the room
Sha-la-las and Doo-be-dahs
The sounds that shake away the blues
Yesterday is yesterday
The past is dead and gone
Nostalgia just can't skip away
Let's not hanging on

Now we go on separate ways
And leave the world we used to know
The scratched and worn out forty five's
And echoed on the radio
The Tra-la days are over
Ther days of me and you
Now we know which way to go
Though it's hard to do

Somewhere in some sweet dream
Stands a house that's part of me now
And it feels fine in a sweet dream
Sharing a life with you

Oh take me back to times I knew
When this dream was really true
And it was fine in those days
I wish you could have stay

And I don't know any more
What you told me once before
Was just something to be said
Or some secrets in your head
You loved me
I loved You
Now where are you

Now I love you and where are you