The Key of Love  愛情鑰匙- 2007 "星光燦爛獻愛心"主題曲

Produced in 2007

To listen :

作曲:陳秋霞  作詞:陳秋霞  主唱:張智成

你站在陽光底下   發端透徹銀霞

默的臉代替回答  希望只放在心上

你總是還記得我   愛或不愛的那些小事情 巨細無遺
我卻總是忘了你   門後被忽略的整個世界 要如何進去
告訴我 鑰匙在哪

我願意 帶你到處去旅行  含蓄的愛沒意義
我會大聲地告訴你 (我愛你)
我要你 每天過得好好的
永不離棄  我要一生一世陪伴著你

Do you still remember me
Won't you know that you're the one who used to be so closed to me
Every door has a key
Let me open up your heart and lead you to the sky behind
If we try, we will find our paradise

In your eyes I can see the lonely sky
With reflection of the clouds where you wanna hide
Let it shine so bright that I can read your mind
I wanna tell you
I will live my whole life through loving you