Tommy Tom Tom

作曲:陳秋霞  作詞:
H. Ebert   主唱:陳秋霞

I see you sitting alone each day
While your friends are out at play
Yes your dreams will all come true
Tommy Tom Tom I wanna be friends with you

Say Good morning to the sun
Now that all your crying is done
Won't you listen to what I say
Tommy Tom Tom start living your life today

Ding Ding Dong the bells ring for Tommy
Our Tommy Tommy Tom Tom
Ding Ding Dong the birds sing for Tommy
Our Tommy Tommy Tom Tom

I sing this song now just for you
Hoping that you won't feel blue
Tommy won't you sing it too
And you'll see the world from a different point of view

I see a smile now upon your face
Won't you lose it in another day
You life in Hong Kong is not so bad
So Tommy Tom Tom please don't look so sad

La-la-la-la ..........